See the star in the middle? It looks like a little white dot. It was glorious the morning of the exam!

Connect the dots.  Remember my previous post on the “one star” and Vivian sending me a text? (How Great Thou Art post)  On the morning of my exam for my Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Parish walked me out to my car bright and early in the morning.  We have a lot of trees, but nestled between the tall trees was a patch of blue sky, and right there in the middle of the blueness was one star shining.  I’m not superstitious, nor do I think if the star wasn’t there it would be a sign of negative doom.  What I’ve come to know about Jesus is He really knows us (I guess because He created us!) and loves to show off His Love for us.  He knew how meaningful it would be for me to see that one star just before my exam. He also knew how meaningful it would be for my husband to point it out – us together. 

When I arrived at  the exam site, there was no monkey business.  You couldn’t even take your car keys in with you.  This one lady who could have been a prison guard tickled me.  I told her that when I take exams I can be demonstrative and expressive.  She looked at me like, “Oh one of THOSE people!”  She reminded me that I could not talk out loud.  I assured her that I become expressive with my hands when I take exams, but not to think I’m in trouble, or need her.  I thought I had to say this because you have to raise your hand to get out of the seat, and it better be for a good reason.  She walked me in and sat me at cube 7!  That was a meaningful number for me from a previous numbered experience that went well.  I smiled!  She then said, “Oh, I think I”m going to put you over here.”  HA!  It was in the corner, number 6.  So before I began I prayed over my area (quietly in my head) and said, “God thank you for that number seven experience many years ago, and now I’m trusting you for this cube area number 6, my future.”

As I continuously worship and thank Him:

“And I am certain that God, who began the good work within you, will continue his work until it is finally finished on the day when Christ Jesus returns!” Philippians 1:6 (NLT)

What good work is God doing in you?  Do you notice the smallest gestures of love He expresses over you, and then do you think of how He is connecting all those dots together to paint your life story?  He is so amazing!  I glory in the smallest of words, the beauty of His world around me, the touch of a friend, the tears in the eyes of a kindred soul looking into mine, the laugh of my children, the breath in my lungs that says – “You’ve got one more day, Anna. Live well, love well, and see Me all around you!”  Galatians 5:13 tells us to use our freedom to serve one another, not our sinful nature. “Oh Jesus may every moment I think about how I can serve You in that moment and show Your love.”

I’m a task oriented person.  God gave me the desire to really slow down after that exam and celebrate the moment of His provision and Love in my life.  I left a dirty house and much to do to go away for 24 hours and celebrate.  Slow down, take a moment, reflect, rejoice, thank Him.  I loved going to All Fired Up and painting a “memory” pottery piece for my desk (GOT TO SEE AMY!  LOVE HER!), eating a good meal with my family, swimming in a pool, eating candy from the candy store, walking around.  Thank you JESUS!  I give thanks for His love and prompting to slow down.  I thank Him for a family and friends who celebrate with me! THANK YOU FRIENDS FOR ALL THE MESSAGES OF ENCOURAGEMENT!  THANK YOU TERESA REYNOLDS FOR BEING AN AMAZING CHRISTIAN FRIEND/SUPERVISOR!  THANK YOU MOM AND DAD FOR PRAYING FOR ME!  ATTITUDE OF GRACE AND REJOICING THIS MORNING!  WOOOOOOO HOOOOOO!!!

Dinner with family! I love YOU!

Photo: So proud of my awesome mama for passing her LCSW exam this morning! Sunflowers to celebrate! Go mama! I love you!!


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  1. Sandy says:

    Congratulations Anna!


  2. Angel says:

    Recently, I lost my beloved father. My sister who is a teacher, has been telling me that oftentimes when she is outside on the playground or elsewhere, she sees a yellow butterfly. Mostly, she sees these when she is having a hard time dealing with his death or with life in general or is in the middle of some type of crisis. Personally, I had never had one of these sightings. That was until a couple of days ago. I am personally dealing with some huge life changes and have recently felt the loss of my earthly father so deeply that it physically hurts. He is the person I would go to to talk out any problem I ever had. I am trying to work, deal with personal issues, and sell my house. The last item has been a huge stressor and I have many faithful prayer warriors interceding over the sale of this home. Now as you might remember, I had never seen any yellow butterfly and my sister and I live 750 miles apart. Imagine my surprise a couple of evenings ago when I returned home from work and pulled up in front of my garage and looked out the window to see something that stopped me dead in my tracks You guessed it, a yellow butterfly Today, I had a second showing and woke up feeling very hopfully that today would be the day that God has chosen to sell this house. I believe God sent that butterfly to tell me that He hears me, He is listening, and He wants me to know that He is in control.




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