God uses all created things to lavish His love on us (more reader’s thoughts)

Jesus, thank you for helping us see You in all things and remembering how very much you love us. Below is a response from a reader as she reflected on seeing God in the ordinary, and how He connects the dots for us!  The most amazing thing I’m seeing through reader’s responses is how He not only connects the dots in our personal lives, but He also connects us to each other in His love!  AMAZING!  I have another picture to show from a reader who sent me a text late last night!  I look forward to sharing that!

Recently, I lost my beloved father. My sister who is a teacher, has been telling me that oftentimes when she is outside on the playground or elsewhere, she sees a yellow butterfly. Mostly, she sees these when she is having a hard time dealing with his death or with life in general or is in the middle of some type of crisis. Personally, I had never had one of these sightings. That was until a couple of days ago. I am personally dealing with some huge life changes and have recently felt the loss of my earthly father so deeply that it physically hurts. He is the person I would go to talk out any problem I ever had. I am trying to work, deal with personal issues, and sell my house. The last item has been a huge stressor and I have many faithful prayer warriors interceding over the sale of this home. Now as you might remember, I had never seen any yellow butterfly and my sister and I live 750 miles apart. Imagine my surprise a couple of evenings ago when I returned home from work and pulled up in front of my garage and looked out the window to see something that stopped me dead in my tracks You guessed it, a yellow butterfly Today, I had a second showing and woke up feeling very hopefully that today would be the day that God has chosen to sell this house. I believe God sent that butterfly to tell me that He hears me, He is listening, and He wants me to know that He is in control.

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