Lift your eyes!

Isaiah 40:26

Lift your eyes and look to the heavens: Who created all these? He who brings out the starry host one by one, and calls them each by name. Because of his great power and mighty strength, not one of them is missing.

Transitions are constantly a part of our lives. New jobs, birth, death, schooling, loss, gains, moving, children getting married…..  You catch your breath from one thing and life seems to keep on ticking along.  At some point we all become overwhelmed with, “What was I thinking?”  I usually ask this when something has happened, or I have made a life choice and I can’t see past the decision or happening.  I have to trust completely in God’s plan and trust that no matter what happens beyond this point, He is there, and He loves me.  Nothing else matters.  He is there and He loves me.  Period.  I can fret over relationships, problems, decisions taking a turn for the worse (so it seems), money issues, children who are struggling, the details….or I can look up and focus on the one thing that matters

He loves me.  He is there.

Stars have great meaning in my life. God speaks to me from the heavens.  A friend of mine, Tina, gave me the verse above last night.  It’s a familiar verse, but a verse at the right time brings healing.  This morning I arrived at work at 6:15.  One morning I posted that one star up in the sky that is so meaningful to me.  THIS morning the heavenly host was on display.  I raised my eyes to the heavens and shouted from my heart – GOOD MORNING JESUS!  DO YOU SEE ME DOWN HERE?  I LOVE YOU!  Oh the display that I saw!  I always call it the big dipper and the little dipper, but Parish always corrects me.  I saw all the beautiful stars!  And, do you know what struck me?  Is the constancy of the constellation!

Every star has its name.  Every star has its little place to shine and bring Him glory, and God is never-changing.  That star will be there tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day……It’s the same stars that Abraham stood under, (okay a different constellation area but you get the meaning!) the same sky thousands of years ago!  God was with him, God is with us.  No different.

Oh I just want to hang out there for a while and roast marshmallows with my dear friend Monica.  She loves S’mores.  We decided Jesus loves S’mores too!  I celebrated with her yesterday over a huge provision in her life! God is good!

He loves you.  He is there.

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  1. melinda clapp says:

    Love this post! I was under that starry sky last night behind the 9th grade campus of Thomas Dale HS listening to teens proclaim God’s Word and testify to His goodness and faithfulness….so inspiring!!!! I was reminded that we really do LIVE by EVERY WORD that comes out of the mouth of GOD 🙂


  2. Toni says:

    This post made me smile…also, when I saw Melinda’s post about teens proclaming God’s Word testifying to His goodness and faithfulness made me smile as well…oh how I yearn to have my daughter, who will be a freshman at Thomas Dale next year to have a true relationship with God at an early age…I was talking to her about God yesterday while we were driving and telling her that I didn’t have anyone to talk to me about God and His son Jesus Christ and show me things in the bible (not to my knowledge) as I do with her that could have saved me from a lot of heartache and would probably have made me obedient and fearlful of God at a much earlier age.


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