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Below are comments from  two readers in response to Lift Up Your Eyes!  It seems many of us have been enjoying God’s heavenly display!  I had folks at work today comment on his handiwork too!  WOW!  You know how much I love to connect through the work of the Spirit and His love.  Toni made a comment below about wanting her daughter to know this love at an early age so she can blossom in the knowledge of HIM and save herself from worldly heartache.    I was reminded of a verse:

3 John 1:4

I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.

As I was praying for you Toni and your daughter God impressed upon my heart how we can be taught His truth, but until we have life experiences in which we apply them and see them in action our faith remains that little mustard seed.  We are nurturing their little baby souls in the knowledge of Him, yet how can they know directly the meaning until it’s applied?  So, we are patient, merciful, teach, and model.  The greatest model we can give them is going to His Word when we need answers, and praying with them often about all kinds of things.  AND!  PRAISING HIM!  Even when you are saying things like, “Lord I thank you for this day and the fact that you are with us!”  Praise Him in front of your children.  Talk to Jesus as if He is physically in the room!  He is there!  He loves us!

___________________________________________________ Reader’s Comments

Love this post! I was under that starry sky last night behind the 9th grade campus of Thomas Dale HS listening to teens proclaim God’s Word and testify to His goodness and faithfulness….so inspiring!!!! I was reminded that we really do LIVE by EVERY WORD that comes out of the mouth of GOD :)


This post made me smile…also, when I saw Melinda’s post about teens proclaming God’s Word testifying to His goodness and faithfulness made me smile as well…oh how I yearn to have my daughter, who will be a freshman at Thomas Dale next year to have a true relationship with God at an early age…I was talking to her about God yesterday while we were driving and telling her that I didn’t have anyone to talk to me about God and His son Jesus Christ and show me things in the bible (not to my knowledge) as I do with her that could have saved me from a lot of heartache and would probably have made me obedient and fearlful of God at a much earlier age.


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  1. Toni says:

    Thanks for your prayers…sometimes I feel like I may be forcing it on her by how I’m going about it. I guess for me, it took some things to happen to me in life for me to start seeking God, however, I don’t want her to wait for the bad things to happen. I told the ladies in Bible Study how I snuck up to her school at lunch time and hid in the corner of the cafeteria at one of the tables when she was in the 7th grade b/c she told me the night before that she didn’t say her prayer at lunch time, but she says it everywhere else…I told her don’t ever be ashamed when it comes to God…long story short, she was upset, I didn’t care, she started to say her prayer, and so did her friends!


    1. I think it is a balance of them discovering God on their own and us guiding them. That word balance is in everything we do! I was just listening to Dr. Jeremiah and he was preaching on the Prodigal Son. One thing struck a chord in me. He stated that the father allowed him to go his way because the father knew that in the living he would come to know Jesus. Although, it brought great pain to see his son walk away, he knew he could not force him to stay, that the Holy Spirit would have to do His work. Live your faith out, be faithful in a body of believers, and watch her bloom even during the times that she is struggling in sin. God is there. He was there for you in your sin (the things you talk about in your past) and this message shared that even when we “wound God” with our sin – HE STILL LOVES US.
      If you go to Dr. Jeremiah’s website it’s the radio message : God Loves You Even when You Don’t Love Him, part 1


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