The Greatest thing about Mentoring

She is worth far more than rubies….

The first WOW group from over 13 years ago are in their 20’s. They decided to do Bible Study together now that they are settled and out of college.  Yesterday I posted about Jesus being our only hope and then received this message from one of the girls the same day.

My apples of gold lesson is speaking to me this morning, thought of W.O.W!!!!:

“Having the right relationship with The Lord is important because God is the only one who can meet your ultimate needs. Your spouse or friends cannot fill the “hole in your soul.” The issues of self-worth, loneliness, strength in the hard times, freedom from fear, and joy are resolved only by a right relationship with The Lord.”

AMEN!!! Our study has been telling us to have an intimate relationship with Him!!!!…

I also received a text from her Frazzled Woman’s Bible study reminding wives that love is a choice.  We are called to love our spouse.  Love is not a feeling but an action out of reverence to a God who knows best.

It’s so awesome to learn and grow with the ladies who just yesterday were sitting around my kitchen table as youngsters learning about Jesus.  Thank you for sharing your lives WOW sisters!  I love sitting around your table now.

God is good…..


Faithful through all generations………..

Thank you beautiful ladies!

Wow Girls Now
WOW girls then 🙂

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