Are you being squashed or doing the squashing?

Listening to NPR Fresh Air, a famous actor was asked, “Do you ever imagine yourself not acting?”  He began to share how he never fit in and was often told, “Be still, sit down, stop being silly, calm down and focus.”  When he auditioned for a role and became an actor, he knew that he was made for acting.  All of the things he was told not to do were the very things he could do, and loved to do, on the stage.

Ephesians 3:20 NIV

Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us…
How much more, if we tap into Jesus, can we do?  What gifts and talents are hidden that could be a masterpiece?  Are you in a position in which the very nature of who God has created you to be is being squashed? Are you part of the squashing because of insecurities or a pulling away from God’s will?
Do you know what I appreciate?  People who develop their talents in the knowledge and passion of the Holy Spirit and “bring it” without desiring perfection and without apology.  If we change who we are to fit the crowd or walk away from a collaborative effort feeling underutilized and inferior, we are short-changing ourselves!  GOD is BIG and MIGHTY in YOU–humans can be judgmental and love to point out your imperfections.
I know the balance of feedback, that may seem harsh at the time, and being confident in your abilities is just that–a balance. We need to be self-aware and be willing to change. However, I feel strongly that most of us concentrate more on pleasing others and negative feedback than we do being confident in a God who can do mighty things in and through us.  And, isn’t it arrogant or prideful to not consider the work of HIS hands in and on us?  Maybe the evaluation from a boss, a family member, a friend would say otherwise–but what is GOD saying?  Maybe He is saying, “I want to do something great in you–consider a new direction!”
I believe the greatest joy is being in the center of His will and doing what He has called us to do.
  • To wake up excited about your work not pefection
  • To surround yourself with people who share your passion and who are full of grace and kindness, to be that person to others
  • To be willing to change and move direction
  • To KNOW you are “worth more than rubies”–He has a plan for YOU!
  • To KNOW you are worthy when others treat you unworthy

Oh Jesus–will you direct our steps to that place through our willingness to be still and know, to be obedient to Your Word and Truth, to accept Your love…

P.S.  I wrote this post out of desperation to embrace these truths and after a situation in which I felt inferior.  I desire to apply truth and grace to where I am in the moment and trust in HIM.

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