If  you’ve been following the last several posts, you will remember that courage has been the area God has called me to think on, write about, and make changes in my spiritual walk.  Yesterday, at church, guess what the title of the sermon was?


Praise the Lord! The guest speaker shared his ministry to inmates– (Mark and Susan Mason). Can I just tell you that the Spirit was living and active throughout the entire service.  It was beyond gathering knowledge; it was collective happenings in which God was speaking and moving.

Mark Mason shared that God has this way of digging up old dreams.  You find yourself in the second part of your life in which, perhaps, a dream you thought had died, God brings to life–resurrects!  And, you find yourself putting all the years together and noticing that every event and circumstance was building up to this moment–the pearl, the dream.

When I was 24 years old, over 20 years ago, God gave me the most vivid dream.  We were moving again with my husband’s job, even further away from home.  I was laying in the bed alone with my youngest in her crib crying out to God.  I had a dream in which Moses came to talk to me.  I’m telling you he came and just talk to me like we were at Starbucks.  He looked at me seriously and shared, “If God was with me, don’t you think He will be with you?”  In the dream a scripture was spoken but, for years, I could not remember or decipher the connection of what verse.  After the pastor shared about God digging up dreams he lead us to Joshua 1: 5

As I was with Moses, so I will be with you; I will never leave you nor forsake you.

I couldn’t believe that God dug up this dream from over 20 years ago and chose this day to share the verse with me.  He knew I needed the verse today in my life at 48–a reminder that the next step will take every ounce of knowing, truly knowing, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.”

How do you build courage?

1.  Surround yourself by courageous people.  Mark Mason shared how he prayed for a spiritually courageous person in prison ministry and one literally just “showed up” in his life while working for the Lord.  An older man who had been serving in that capacity for years agreed to mentor him.  People who honestly share their fears but follow God’s will anyway are the folks you want to hang out with.

2.  Speak courage in your life.  When you are feeling afraid go to God’s Word and speak His promises over your life and situation.

3.  Live for a cause that is bigger than yourself.  Get out of your comfort zone and build courage with each step you take out of “the zone” and into His Kingdom work.  Ask God to give you a mountain.001

Interestingly, prior to him using the word mountain God placed a song that I love so much about mountains in my heart and mind.  I was pondering going home to worship and sing this song.  Jesus was pouring out.

Who will mentor you?

Will you seek God’s Word for courageous promises and speak them over your life?

What risk that is bigger than you is God calling you to face?  What is your mountain?

I was travelling in my car singing on 11/17/2011 (Iphone date) and recorded this song.  The song below was often played during the civil rights movement with MLK–think about what God called him to do!  His mountain!  God reminded me that I had this song on my phone and what it meant to me during that time in my life.  I was facing some pretty big mountains in my personal life, in which, God was calling me to climb and heal.  The song was my worship and agreement that I would climb.  Over two years later, I see how He has made me a victor in that situation and not a victim!  Glory to God!  Sing with me!

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  1. sarahemorris says:

    Wow, Anna! I just LOVE how God loves us and encourages us just when we need it! Thank you, Jesus! Even when we forget, He doesn’t. It’s interesting because I was teaching about courage in Sunday School with my kids either last Sunday or the Sunday before last, and God encouraged my heart with that scripture — Joshua 1:5. And I must say, Anna, I didn’t know that you had pipes on you like that! Go ‘head, lady! You were singing your heart out! You have a beautiful voice. That must be where Victoria gets it from. 🙂


    1. It’s amazing how God connects the dots with other Christian friends! Even when we forget or feel inadequate He is their lifting us up again, and again. YOU are courageous!


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