Mentoring Moms: HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY

On May 3, 2014 at Swift Creek Baptist Church, Victoria and I were given the opportunity to share in song and testimony on motherhood and mentoring. We had prayed for more opportunities to share Jesus’ love, and God provided through a work friend–Krista.

The night was a time of laughter, joy, healing, and sharing.  The Holy Spirit invaded and uplifted in places that were personal to us.  God is ever present and an intimate God who knows what we need to hear and grow from.  I personally had all three of my daughters there, mother-in-law and sister-in-laws with their daughters, my mentor, best friends–Sandy and Krista–, my mom, Nana, and my mom’s friend from church.  I was so blessed to have a WOW sister there too!  Thank you Chelsea for bringing your mom and family!  It was truly an early mother’s day gift to me and those I love.  Thank you Jesus for a time to share how much I LOVE YOU and how much I love those who have poured Your love into my life.

The room was filled with spring colors and butterflies.  A great symbolism of new birth, His mercies being new every morning, and the power to change and heal!  God is so good!  The most amazing thing was that the day before we had been cleaning my Aunt’s apartment and found all these beautiful butterfly pens, butterfly decorations, and we felt as if she were cheering us on.  We took all of these items to the program.


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Our Program Booklet:


Mentoring Bookmark:
committoprayer (3)


Below is the video of the program if you would like to take a listen!

Victoria with Nathan
Anna and Sandy
Grandma Lorrie family!
Anna and Sandy
Anna with Sandy and her beautiful girls Katherine and Kristin
Sandy with her daughters–so beautiful!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lori says:

    Anna and Victoria, I loved this! Thank you so much for pouring yourself out there for others! God loves what you are doing, I know. Love you, Lori


    1. Sweet Lori, thank you for the words of encouragement. It was so good to see you there. You are an
      Incredible Godly mother, wife, and daughter. We love you so much!!!


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