Beauregard’s Thai Room

Beauregard’s is located on 103 East Cary Street in Richmond, Virginia. The historical building was originally the Munford Home, circa 1870.  This authentic and beautiful Thai cuisine restaurant has an upstairs that seats 150 for lunch and dinner.  What we love most is the outdoor seating that is romantically decorated with street lights, flowers, and a koi fountain. They have a back patio and a courtyard setting in the front of the restaurant.  We sat at a table with an umbrella and found the patio to be shady and cool in the summer.

Front Courtyard
Back Patio



They have authentic Thai cuisine with wait staff dressed in beautiful pha nung skirts and other colorful clothing from Thailand.

The menu consists of the traditional foods from Thailand such as:



Rice noodles in a sweet and sour sauce with scallions, egg, bean sprouts and ground peanuts.


Sliced chicken breast sautéed with fresh ginger, caramelized onions, straw mushrooms and scallions

They also offer Tofu, vegetarian dishes, soups, appetizers, and homemade ice-cream!

I traditionally order the Fresh Roll that has fresh basil and cilantro!  Incredibly fresh and filling!


Shredded carrot, iceberg lettuce, grilled chicken, bean sprouts, basil and cilantro wrapped in rice flour paper. Served with sweet and sour crunchy peanut sauce.

Fresh Roll

To go along with my fresh roll, I order


An aromatic soup with sliced chicken breast, coconut milk, galangal, lime juice and chilies.

The combination of coconut milk, lime, and chilies creates a mild kick on the palate along with the soothing base of coconut milk. The one * next to the dish suggests mild spices. They have a key to let you know–

*Mildly Spiced     **Spicy     ***Very Spicy

This combination is enough for a meal if you are looking for just the right amount of food and light fare.

The service was friendly and accommodating.  They have an “Out of Thailand” menu for children, but also will accommodate a menu item to suit your picky eater.  For example, sauces on the side, noodles “by themselves” (that’s what my youngest calls it), and the old stand by of french fries are available. With some dishes, you can ask for a different “level” of spice!

This trip to Thailand was a surprise for my girls and one of their friends.  I wanted to show them Richmond and the Virginia Commonwealth University Campus (VCU).

I reminisced through story telling of my time there as a twenty something year old, and how, even today, I’m a student at VCU. I met my husband of 25 years at VCU. So many wonderful memories at this campus!

About a year ago, I wrote a post entitled “Memory Lane” on my VCU, Ed.D in Educational Leadership Blog that highlighted this wonderful life story. (Link below)

As a parent, I felt led to show them life after high school exists and your future is filled with adventures!  The Thai room was an adventurous place to have lunch and dream. Their friend talked about studying History and becoming a lawyer, and my daughter talked about medical school.  My youngest soaked it all in and asked questions.  So much has changed since my time there in the 80’s.


We ended our lunch with homemade ice cream.


What a beautiful adventure.  I remember coming to the Thai Room when I was their age.  Some traditions never change and bring a sense of joy and gratitude.

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