Kenn Tico

Someone recommended this Cuban restaurant.  After a long week of preparing for my capstone client presentation, we desired to reconnect as a family.  We love visiting unique places and experiencing different cultures.  Kenn Tico sounded like a great place for lunch before we would go to All Fired Up and do a little shopping.

All Fired Up


Parish fell in love with Cubano sandwiches years ago.  We had a dinner party and the Cubano sandwich was the main course.  So, naturally, this restaurant appealed to us.

Our waiter was a young man who lived in the area and was attending college at VCU. He noted that he would eat often at the restaurant and fell in love with the food so much that he wanted to work there!  He was a great waiter and very attentive.

We started off with the Triple Cuban Dipper in which you could choose three appetizer dishes.  Our three were the following:

Tamales Cubano: Cornmeal and seasoned pork stuffed and wrapped in a cornhusk.

Mini Papa Rellenas:  Breaded potato stuffed with spiced ground beef served with ham, cheese and Cuban tostadas.

Yuca Frita:  Fried Yuca sticks served with cilantro & garlic oil sauce.

Parish and I loved the Tamales.  The seasoned pork and onions were savory.  The girls loved the Yuca Frita because it tasted like a yummy french fry.  By the way, they have a children’s menu for those who are not so adventuresome.  My youngest said her chicken tenders and fries were the best she has ever had.

Parish ordered his favorite, the Cubano Classico

Cubano Classico:  Old time flavor sandwich, grilled Cuban bread with sliced pork, ham, swiss cheese, a touch of pickles, and mustard.


I enjoyed the chicken soup


and the Arroz Moro: White rice, black beans, mixed with spiced onions and peppers.


We were able to meet Kenny and Tico! They were engaging and loved to talk to you about their recipes and love for Cuban food.  Our waiter stated that they began their journey with a food cart selling their Cuban delicacies. They have been in their restaurant for approximately five years.


The restaurant is located at 204 East Grace Street, Richmond, VA.  They proudly serve “the most authentic Cuban cuisine & beverages in Richmond.”

Cuban Tamales are unique in that the meat is mixed in with the dough and not used as a filling like Mexican Tamales.  My husband just yelled this from the other room while looking for a recipe to cook Cuban Tamales at home!  Love that man!


My girls loved being in the city and seeing all the sights and sounds.  We were able to share with our 11-year-old where Cuba was on the map, and share some history.


We sat next to the window so we could enjoy the city and each other.  They also played fun Cuban music in which we danced.  My teenage daughter announced, “How embarrassing!”   It’s not a fun-filled day until you embarrass one of your children!  🙂

Two thumbs up for this authentic and casual Cuban restaurant!












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