I am He!

Yesterday I cleaned my house.  While cleaning, I listened to Elevation Church and watched The Gospel of John on Netflix.  I would either listen without the visualizations, or stop and watch if the passage grabbed my attention.  I played the scene in John where Jesus goes to the well and meets up with a Samaritan woman. I’ve heard many sermons, and I’ve read many Bible studies on this encounter, but seeing it with the scripture spoken brought a new emphasis:

Jesus was patient and entered into a relationship with her

Jesus allowed her to question and be honest

Jesus unraveled her pretense of what she thought she needed

Jesus spoke to her individual and unique position and said, “I am He!”

If you watched the video, you see the progression of their relationship and her realization of who Jesus is. Jesus ministered to so many women during His time on earth.  I believe even today He cares very deeply for women, and He wants to meet you at the well.

I imagined that this woman was isolated, shamed because of her behavior of having “no husband”, and physically tired and weary from it all. Can you relate? If Jesus could take away her daily walk for water to survive and satisfy her thirst, He would provide for a significant need in her life. Do you ever wish you could be free of something that daily taxes you? Are you praying that Jesus will provide?   She begs of Jesus to please give her this water so she will never thirst again or have to walk to this well. Are you asking Jesus to please take “this” from me. This life-giving well has a history.  It was the well of Jacob. She reminds Jesus of the positions in society. She is reminding him of her position–the greatness of others and her less-than position in society. Do you ever feel like Jesus has played favorites?

When she realizes that Jesus is more than another man or person asking her for something, and that He truly is Christ–the one she has heard of and trusts to come soon–she is forever changed. His love made the difference. His love transformed her to the point that she left her water jug at the well. She put down her routine to GO!

She was filled.  She was satisfied.  She was healed.  Her transformation transformed the town.  This village accepted Jesus because of her testimony, and Jesus stayed there for days ministering to the people.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself doing the daily routine.

Wake up, get the jug, walk miles, pray you don’t get into any unsafe situations or conflicts, get the water, come home, and continue my list….

going to work.jpg

In that daily routine, my thoughts are struggling with life decisions and the journey–decisions I’ve made, or the decisions that were made for me and out of my control.

If Jesus showed up in your routine, and asked you where you were in life, and proclaimed that He wanted to set you free from barriers or personal struggles that keep you from His love, what would you say? Do?

This encounter would change you forever and could change your circle of influence. Jesus encounters you often in this way.  He is not in human form, but His Spirit is there teaching you, and He orchestrates people, circumstances, and messages to encounter and change your path.

Among the passage and video is a simple but powerful word


He calls her into action.

I pray you can GO!  I pray you can believe that you will encounter the living Christ, and He will meet you just where you are and say, “Daughter, I am He!”  I am He who can heal you, provide for you, change you, and in so doing, change those in your realm of influence and leadership.

Watch this modern day woman at the well and know Jesus is “He”! Go!

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