Cottage on Hill, Manteo, NC

Our family vacationed this year at Cottage on Hill in Manteo, NC.  This is our take on the place!  The owners Mr. and Mrs. Bell were friendly and responsive to our needs not only in deciding to rent from them almost seven months ago but also the week we were there.  They live near the property and can help with anything that may arise during your stay.

Down a long dirt road you will travel until you reach the very end of the road, in which, the sign “Cottage On Hill” is located.  The cottage is positioned on a hill with steps leading up to the porch and front door.  The cottage has a deck in the back of the house leading out of the kitchen/eating area.  Each morning, I would either sit on the back deck, or travel down the private beach access path to watch the sunrise.

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The private path to the beach was like a secret garden with well-kept flowering bushes.

IMG_6724 IMG_6723Vacation 2016 039

They provided kayaks (one adult; one child, or small person).

Vacation 2016 031
One of my spiritual awakenings came while kayaking the luminous path of the sun’s rays! I was travelling into the path of the sun! The sun on my face was invigorating!

Vacation 2016 032 Vacation 2016 034

You can fish from your private beach, but remember to get a fishing license at Fishing Unlimited Tackle or Whale Bone Tackle in Nags Head, just a few minutes after you cross the bridge from Manteo into Nags Head.  The cost was 12.00, and you pay in cash.

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You can kayak over to a sand island, or bar within 5 minutes. The sunrise is worth getting up early for.  I would take my Bible study, coffee, and they provided chairs near the beach. I would sit and wait for the sun to rise.  It was truly a worshipful experience.

Vacation 2016 010 Vacation 2016 016

One morning, I was so overwhelmed with the presence of the Lord, I had to write about it on another post. I hope you can visit the post called Brand New Day:

Vacation 2016 002

There was a master bedroom with a full bath downstairs.  This was helpful for my daughter and her husband who had recently had a baby.  They had access to the kitchen, a bathroom, and a quiet space for those middle of the night feedings.  The two bedrooms upstairs with a shared full bathroom between them was perfect for my husband and I, along with my other two daughters (twin beds in their room).  The outdoor shower on the front porch deck provided extra shower space during those moments everyone wanted to shower.

The town of Manteo is filled with charm and a family feel.

Vacation 2016 012 Vacation 2016 013 Vacation 2016 019

Some spots we enjoyed were

Olde Towne Creamery

They had wonderful ice-cream, fudge, treats, and the best hot dog!  I ordered the hot dog with their slaw–divine! They have space inside to eat out of the heat, or shaded areas outside with comfortable seating.

Vacation 2016 041 Vacation 2016 043

The shops and restaurants of Manteo

Just a few we enjoyed….(please click on store names to go to their websites)

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My Recycled Life is in the variety of artist’s shop Coastal Carolina Kaleidoscope.

As you walk in and to the right you will find recycled boards with inspiring quotes and verses like the one below.  I purchased this one!  I had a difficult time selecting an item, because all the quotes seemed to speak to you–the verses had a universal theme.  With each board, I thought of someone.  All the items in the store were perfect gifts for that special someone or occasion!  I left this shop feeling warm, welcomed, and inspired.  The shop owner is free to talk about her work and a down to earth kind of gal!

Vacation 2016 003

The Laughing Lollipop

This shop has the old time candy from your youth and fresh cotton candy! I purchased gummy bears, my personal favorite, and an old fashioned sugar cane root bear!

Vacation 2016 024 Vacation 2016 023

His Shells

Ortega’z Southwestern Grill

Vacation 2016 011 Vacation 2016 006

Poor Richard’s Sandwich Shop

Vacation 2016 021 Vacation 2016 020

They have many odds and ends shops, antique stores, and unique crafters displaying their treasures. In the pavilion area, they have a bike rack.

On Saturdays in Manteo, they have a farmer’s market that will blow you away!

Vacation 2016 049 Vacation 2016 050 Vacation 2016 051 Vacation 2016 052 Vacation 2016 054 Vacation 2016 056

A favorite tradition is to go shopping at Tanger Outlet Mall.

Vacation 2016 004

Another tradition is bucket grilling on the beach.  We use E June Street Access. For our favorite recipes go to this post called Bucket Grilling on the Beach:

Vacation 2016 050 Vacation 2016 062 Vacation 2016 066

We like to order our crab legs from Sugar Creek and family dine at home.

Vacation 2016 043 Vacation 2016 044 Vacation 2016 045

They also have a restaurant with specials and discounts for early birds from 4:00 – 5:00

Vacation 2016 011 Vacation 2016 013 Vacation 2016 014

We went to the lighthouse in Manteo, NC for our last night family pictures at sunset.  We missed the sunset by a few minutes, but the night was beautiful.  These were taken by using our cell phones!

Vacation 2016 065 Vacation 2016 067 Vacation 2016 075 Vacation 2016 110Vacation 2016 051Vacation 2016 054Vacation 2016 061

They may not be professional but the memory and time spent together springs forth when I look at these photos.

A day at the beach….

Vacation 2016 042 Vacation 2016 039 Vacation 2016 037 Vacation 2016 015Vacation 2016 018 Vacation 2016 019 Vacation 2016 022

Manteo has sidewalks for bike riding.  The owners provide bikes for the renters in a sturdy shed that is near the cottage.  You can also store your beach items in the shed.  They provide a grill for outdoor cooking.  There is a service station just up the road from the cottage if you need air in your tires.

Vacation 2016 008

There are local grocery stores in Manteo, or you can ride into Nags Head for more options.

The greatest gift was having my first grand-daughter with us.

Vacation 2016 028

What a blessing to see her parents so in love with her, and meeting her every need.  Of course, I was ready to jump in if needed…

Vacation 2016 007

For more information about Cottage On Hill go to:

Vacation 2016 061

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