What do you magnify?

“What you meditate on, you will magnify.”

If I meditate on chocolate, come what may, I will be eating something chocolate by the end of the week. If I meditate on my problems, my life will be seen through a lens of little hope or promise. I eat, drink, sleep the problem. In some ways, this expression can be taken literally. I’ve been so consumed by a concern, that I can’t sleep and all that I do during the course of the day is laced with conversation and thoughts that impact your eating, or daily life activities.

meditate: verb, think deeply or carefully about (something).

To keep you from turning to God as your only source of hope, the problems we meditate on become our god, or our constant. Recurring situations play out that create patterns of thoughts that maybe something is wrong with me. I’m the problem. I’m marked or poor in spirit. Bound with fear or apathy we meditate, or think deeply about our shame and not God’s glory.

With so many self-help books out there, we can work on ourselves until we become exhausted from self-analysis. Desiring excellence and God’s best is not the sin or problem. It’s the focus.

When our children run out into the street, what is our focus? We quickly act to bring them to safety, but we also spend time showing them how to be safe. We move from “Get out of the street!” to all the wonderful ways they can have fun in the boundaries of their yard and home.

It’s in our nature to magnify the negative. We can be in the lap of luxury and complain about the food or service. We idolize a perfect day. Changing our mindset or focus to meditating on God’s promises and love, we can have a day filled with the Glory of God even if we get the phone call, deal with a teenager’s attitude, forget to take the trash out, or make mistakes on the job. You will never, ever, never have a perfect day. And, quite frankly, some days can be straight from hell–the perfect storm that caused the argument with your spouse or the slamming of a door on a desired dream.

Come before God with honesty, but, my friend, move your eyes and soul to the Word of God and His promises. His Word is our hope.

Be kind.

“Be patient with each other, making allowance for each other’s faults because of your love. Try always to be led along together by the Holy spirit, and so be at peace with one another.”

Talk to each other about God’s love.

” Talk with each other much about the Lord, quoting psalms and hymns and singing sacred songs, making music in your hearts to the Lord. Always give thanks for everything to our God and Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.”

Brene’ Brown interviewed Viola Davis in her book Braving the Wilderness.  Viola shared

This is who I am.

This is where I am from.

This is my mess.

This is what it means to belong to myself.

I translated this mantra in my mind to God speaking to my life.  He says

I AM. (Exodus 3:14)

You are my child.

Give me your mess.

This is what it means to belong to Me.

Lord, help me to meditate on your Word, Your purpose in my mess, and the Glory of your eternal love. Help me to be kind to my sisters and brothers by extending mercy and grace. Lord, keep a song in my heart and Your goodness on my lips.


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