When thinking you are ugly is bad for you

When did it begin for you? When did you look in the mirror and think thoughts of comparison, perfection, or confusion? I’m reading several books right now that have a common theme that could be summed up in one word “freedom”. As much as we live in the land of opportunity and freedom of expression we rate high in anxiety, depression, and judgment. We not only hold the yard stick up to ourselves but also to others who are not measuring up.  “Not me!” you say? If we really looked deep enough, and we were honest enough, there is this little child inside of us in the sandbox trying to figure out how to belong, and who in the sandbox needs to go. Sometimes our attitudes and actions are subtle–so subtle we don’t see it.

When you were a little baby and your caregiver or parent held you up to a mirror you squealed with delight. If you could talk, you would have said, “Look at this masterpiece! I’m fearfully and wonderfully made!” You wouldn’t see all the flaws that beauty experts convince you of and the product to cure the imperfection. No matter how large or small your nose was you’d point, smile, and push down your squishy nose and yell, “Nose!”

I have three beautiful daughters who went through the same “mirror on the wall” experiences. Oh how it pained me, as their mother, to see them fixated on a “flaw”, or tearful because someone pointed out their imperfection publicly at school. As much as we lament the younger years and their painful path despite our teachings, adults continue the discussion through wrinkled skin, sagging parts, and old wounds that haven’t healed.

I’d like to sit the universe down –all of us in one room–and watch this TED talk. I know. I know. You’ve seen a thousand TED talks.  BUT! This one convicted me, made me weep for any human who feels less than, and made me want to tell anyone who dehumanizes another soul to stop and reconsider.

Our word–FREEDOM

Can you imagine the freedom of a child who would hold no fear or judgment about their body image?

Can you imagine the freedom if you, as an adult, completely loved your body and adored every inch?

Can you imagine if we stopped glamorizing the impossible–air brushed pictures that have been altered and shown as the idolized human being?

It can start with us. Be FREE!  Thank you Meaghan Ramsey!


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