Westmoreland State Park


Our third state park! We planned a trip to Westmoreland State Park for spring break, 2019. Here we are enjoying what Virginia has to offer in beauty and fun! We decided on Westmoreland after a state park blog post shared that of all the parks in Virginia this was the place to go for amazing sunsets and sunrises, specifically cabin 24. A short distance from our home we traveled up 95 North to the Bowling Green exit. We have a system of go early and stop for lunch, drop off a few things at the park, and then head to the grocery store.

We ate at a local cafe called Bobby K’s Roadside Grill. This restaurant is family owned, and all the locals come for lunch to take a break from the work day, or just meet up to socialize. They also cater for local establishments. We loved that they had Old Bay on the table. They also pride themselves on the sauces they make to enhance your sandwich or meal.

Cabin 24 is a two bedroom cabin. One bedroom has a full bed, and the second bedroom has two bunk-beds.  We also brought an air mattress.

They have a lovely fireplace, screened in porch with a view of the sunset and sunrise. Your view is at the end of the road, on a cliff, looking over the Potomac River. No worries about the cliff, there is a fenced in back yard. You would still need to monitor your children or pets, but the fence provides safety. They also have a picnic table with a fire pit and outdoor grill.

We decided to go by the family dollar store in town to purchase flowers, table cloth, place mats, and other items to make the place feel like home. There is a local Food Lion about 7 miles from the state park. You travel through the town of Montross, VA which seemed to have some great local shops. We hope to visit!


Once the girls join us, we are filled with busy fun and laughter. Parish and I enjoyed an early morning sunrise and walk to Fossil Beach. The beach is supposed to have shark teeth, but we did not find any teeth! One teenager showed us her treasure–she found one!

The girls arrived around 11:30, and we had lunch together. I like to leave little gifts on their bed when they arrive. Adelaide loved her Easter egg basket, kite, and chair. We had an Easter egg hunt along with some kite flying later in the day. We took the girls back to Fossil beach and had fun exploring the beach with other families and listening to the children play.


We laughed. Here are the fossils we found!

Upon return to our cabin, we all rested for awhile. The sun and beach made us sleepy. Parish cooked us a taco dinner night, and we enjoyed another delicious meal together. After dinner, we flew our kite and went to the playground.

Another beautiful morning and sunrise. What will today have in store for us? Thank you God for a beautiful world to play and enjoy your creations.

Today we had a yummy outdoor breakfast including pizza on the grill! We love to call it “Italian Breakfast Bread”. After breakfast we flew our kite, played with chalk, and rode our bike.

We decided to see the small beach town of Colonial Beach. Other fun things to do:

George Washington’s Birthplace

We could not do the walking tour because of the rain. We were able to see an amazing video on the history of George Washington’s birthplace and truly appreciate the details about how they lived and survived as hunters and farmers. They were remembered as a kind and generous family. The monument is free and has a lot of historical artifacts and literature. I learned so much about the Pope family and John Washington, the great-grandfather of George Washington!

Inglenook Winery

Fredericksburg is not too far, too.

We did not venture here this time, but when we stayed at Lake Anna for New Year’s Eve we went to a great bowling alley in Fredericksburg for the day.

Colonial Beach is a small town, and out of season, many of the shops were closed. We made the most of it and had lunch at High Tides and visited two local beach shops.

We came home and rested. After a rest, we made sushi–the best sushi I’ve EVER had thanks to Valentina and Parish. We danced, painted pictures, and had a fireside time with marshmallows and sushi seconds.

This morning we woke up to rain on our travel day.  We will miss our time together! Our next state park will be Hungry Mother or Fairy Stone! On our way home, we had breakfast at Horne’s in Port Royal, VA off of 301 which is on the way home for us! They serve breakfast all day and have great ice cream and desserts!

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