In the Still

Most of you are aware that our family is facing challenges that requires a lot of faith and trust. As we share our heartaches, you reach out. In the reaching out, a dear colleague and friend shared her inner soul work through poetry. I asked her if I could share and she said, “Yes, but give Him the credit.”

To all my friends and family. This one is for you from my friend. Thank you. It’s in the still, you’ve made the difference.

The pebble skips atop the water, 
…it breaks the peaceful still.
But oh how far it ripples outward,
…as far as God doth will.

The days before; the days now passing,
…God willed each one to be.
He gave the pebbles; nudged we’d throw them,
…into eternity. 

Our purpose while afoot this earth here,
…so simply He has giv’n.
Skip rocks, sow seeds to change the world child,
…along your path to heav’n.

Oft’ not the fanfare – big and boisterous,
…that we so often crave,
But in the still, we skip the pebble,
…change earth to heav’nly ways. 

So lead me Spirit, just this day now,
…one moment at a time.
To skip some rocks and sow some seeds here,
…My will be one with Thine

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