Ohana Hebb 2019

As our family fell in love with our Virginia State Parks, we knew that our extended family would love the beauty and majesty, too! We reached out to see who would be interested in a Hebb gathering, cabin style, and everyone jumped on board with this new adventure.

During a birthday celebration of Anna, Linda, Parish, Linda came up with the idea to have a cake decorating contest as we paired up with family members. Victoria and Kirsten decorated their cake with the word Ohana. On Friday night we put it out there–“What can we call this gathering?” By Saturday night and a great activity, we selected Ohana Hebb.

The word ohana means welcome in the Hawaiian language, but in a much wider sense, to include not only one’s closer relatives, but also one’s cousins, in-laws, friends, race, and other neighbors.

We decided to have a blog post for each year’s gathering to honor and remember the time spent together.

Dates: October 25 – 27, 2019 1st Annual Gathering

Who came? 

Linda, John, Addison, Kirsten Hebb, Cabin 5

Parish, Anna, Valentina Hebb, Cabin 3

Victoria, Spencer, Adelaide Lamb, Cabin 3

Carrie, Bean, and Kyle Godbey, Cabin 2

Lori, Bella, Jax White, and Grandma Lorrie, Cabin 1

Location: Occoneechee State Park

The Schedule, Food, Crafts

Check in Friday, 4:00

Check out: Sunday, 10:00 a.m.

A blog post of the park and ideas of what to bring, and what the place is like.

What to bring for the family fun:

  1. 1 craft to share with all (think dollar store or something you enjoy doing)
  2. 1 outdoor game to play (think outside fun like kick the can or?)
  3. 1 board game for us to play inside (what do you play as a family?)


Check in when YOU can! We want this NOT to be stressful for you and your work/life. Eat before you come.

If you are there by then, meet at the Hebb Cabin at 7:00 for snacks and campfire time.

We will provide s’mores fixings.

Linda and John Friday night is your night to lead a game. They led Happy Salmon!


The passing of the lucky jacket to Addison. This jacket was Parish and John’s during high school and college! John took it over in college claiming it was his lucky jacket!


Sleep in, well a little bit.

10:00 Brunch at Hebb Cabin,


Lamb Craft of wood Christmas tree decorations to remember our weekend during the upcoming holiday! We also painted rocks with messages so they could dry and be ready to spread the love! Thank you Carrie and Kyle!

Covered Dish Menu

Lamb: Bring Juice and fruit dish

John and Linda: Bring a Danish, doughnut, a dessert kind of thing

Little Lori and Grandma Lorrie: Bring a meat of choice—bacon, sausage; ham (your choice)

Carrie and Kyle – can you bring an egg dish?

Parish and Anna – Italian Breakfast Bread and Hash browns

12:30-5:00 Rent Pontoon boat and enjoy an afternoon on the water, to include docking at the town of Clarksville, VA

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5:30 – 6:30 a little rest time at your cabin

6:30 Dinner Time! Let’s do Taco Night!

Lambs: bring lots of chips and lots of dip and dessert

Parish/Anna: Taco Hamburger Meat for all

Carrie/Kyle: a bean dish, cheese, and sour cream, they also made wonderful caramel croissants

Grandma Lorrie and Little Lori: all the veggies cut up (lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole, onions, and Mexican Rice

Linda/John: Shells of all kinds, drinks


Grandma Lorrie brought decorative jars to decorate with tea lights, and decorating pumpkins

Game: Pinata and Jax mad the pinata explode with candy! Way to go! Parish and John won the cake decorating contest by using the craft items that Grandma Lorrie brought!


Folks left when they were ready to hit the road. Whites and Grandma Lorrie enjoyed staying at the park and hiking. Parish, Anna, and Valentina performed a miracle and got a van’s worth of stuff in a sedan. Valentina drove home, and we needed to get home due to homework! We did stop at Hungry Farmer (122 N Mecklenburg Ave, South Hill, VA 23970) for a quick bite and a great meal! Anna had a wonderful time on the porch Sunday morning with Bible Study and prayer.   John and Linda and family and Lambs left late Saturday night.

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6 Comments Add yours

  1. Carrie Godbey says:

    Such a beautiful family trip! This meant so much to me as it’s the first trip I’ve ever been on (that I can remember anyway) with my siblings! ❤

    We got to bring Roux and it was so fun for him to be included! Baby Bean and Baby Lamb 2 were communicating belly to belly, for sure!!


    1. And….next year we will have two new babies to love! I’m so glad they will grow together in love!


  2. Carrie Godbey says:

    Ohana meaning from Lilo and Stitch-

    Lilo: “‘Ohana” means “family.” “Family” means “no one gets left behind.”


    1. I love this quote! Yes! We will always remember how the name came to be! 🙂


  3. Linda Hebb says:

    This was a FABULOUS weekend! Thank you so much to Anna and Parry for taking the lead and organizing this wonderful weekend!! Looking forward to Ohana 2020!! Love you all!!!


    1. We love you so much Linda! Thank you for the joy you bring!


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