Wake to the Moments

I’m amazed at God’s details and grace despite our bumbling selves. Interacting with strangers, connecting with family and friends, the moments you did not expect that brought another step of understanding and faith.  You whisper, “I see. I see”.

It’s hard to say why we waited to go through the items and face another level of reality. We were reminded, as we looked back, of the joy and purposeful love and grace spilled out. Wrapping each memory with paper, and boxing it up for “one day” brought  a configuration of hope. Each moment so beautiful. A beautiful soul filled with an infectious smile, brilliance, and beauty. Amazing grace. A gift.

The reality is that we could all be consumed, but if we choose gratitude and joy, we can expect miracles. We can marvel at the miracles that feel like the parting of the sea; however, day-to-day miracles happen all around us.

In week one and two of my gratitude study with Ann Voskamp’s work, I’ve once again  been reminded that gratitude is a healing balm. If you empty yourself of expectations, regret, and bitterness and make room for gratitude and joy, you will see and experience miracles.

Emptiness itself can birth the fullness of grace because in the emptiness we have the opportunity to turn to God, the only begetter of Grace, and there find the fullness of joy. ~ Ann

Ann discussed how we come into this world with our hands in a fist. I thought how closed off I am to the work, and my hands clinched tight. It’s too hard sometimes.

This Thanksgiving, let’s open our hands wide and receive the bountiful gifts all around us along with the hard. It’s going to be okay. My Pop Vickers says this to me often throughout my life.

How do we notice these moments of gratitude? Take up pen and paper and write them down, talk about them more than you talk about the hard, and collect them one by one.

“Being joyful isn’t what makes you grateful. Being grateful is what makes you joyful” ~ Ann

What do you count? What really counts in your life?

I am thankful for

  • The sound of my family downstairs cleaning and cooking for a family, Thanksgiving meal
  • My son-in-law blowing leaves, and they fly up and into my open window (we laugh and catch each other’s eyes in joy, see above LOL!)
  • The cool breeze coming through my window as I write this
  • My warm cup of coffee with real cream
  • The squeak in my front door that ushers in and out friends and family
  • The opportunity to minister to strangers (and the Holy Spirit whispering despite my distractions, “Do this for them.”
  • Friendship and connection with new and old friends over lunch and quick phone calls
  • My cluttered desk that reminds me of love, creativity, and opportunities ahead

I encourage you to watch this video with your family and count the moments.


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