2nd Annual Ohana Hebb Gathering 2020

This year we decided to head to Bear Creek Lake State Park! We booked our cabins almost a year in advance so we could all get our cabin the same weekend of October 23 – 25, 2020.

This year we had the Lamb/Hebb family in a cabin, Godbey in a cabin, and White/Grandma Lorrie in a cabin. John and Linda came up to visit for the day on Saturday. We did not let COVID-19 stop us from enjoying family time, but we did do things differently. All meals were outside and the weather cooperated! We had individually packaged crafts, social distancing, and lots of hand sanitizer.

Thank you Victoria and Carrie for organizing the schedule and food. Thank you Parish and John for cooking and keeping the fires going. We moved dinner on Saturday to lunch to accommodate the weather and the folks visiting during the day. We had hotdogs/hamburgers, yummy sides, and desserts. Later that night we had S’mores at the Godbey cabin. It was nice to sit in the dark, laugh, raise a glass, and cheer each other on with love.

John and Linda rented a canoe for us to enjoy for two hours. We all took turns enjoying the canoe and the lake. Even Adelaide took a ride! This was the last day for rentals, so we were happy to get in on the action.

We decorated pottery and pumpkins. Carrie was able to pick up our pottery and help us with a craft of choice. Adelaide’s unicorn pumpkin won the cutest prize! Everyone showed their unique creativity. Valentina painted pictures based on her Papa’s poetry and nature. She enjoyed climbing trees and being in nature.

For prayer time we read one of my dad’s poems. It was nice to remember him and honor him in this way. Grandma Lorrie gave all the women a necklace or bracelet to remind us of “Ohana”–family forever! We will treasure this and the many gifts she brought this weekend to love on us.

We enjoyed the sunrise, and the conversations on the porch. We could hear the laughter throughout the woods and over the water. We filled the area with family love and memories. I loved how Adelaide called the bunk beds “bumpy beds”. Rowan is saying “da da”, making his voice heard, and has the sweetest smile. We loved watching Spencer, Jr in his little chair while we painted. His smile melted our hearts. The older children are figuring out school during these times, studying hard, working, and taking exams. They are growing up into our future generation!

Hebb/Lamb decided to stay one more night. The rain the next day, fire in the fireplace, and walks were just what we needed. The rain held up for just a bit for us to take adventures with Adelaide and the family. She loved pretending to scare Ace by hiding in the woods and jumping out to scare him. Her favorite was to sing any song from “The Greatest Showman”. She also loved using her crayons to sketch over the leaves we found in the woods.

We all agreed that we enjoyed the location of Bear Creek Lake and the cabins. We hope to return in 2021!

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