A letter to my children

My beautiful children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren,

If you are reading this, think back to this date in history. Your Gigi is 55, and she felt compelled to write you a letter.

It’s the spiritual remembrance of the death and resurrection of Jesus this weekend. Friday always creates a mixture of somberness and joyful anticipation. I’m praying for you. This day has been spent filled with praising God for who He is and His faithfulness through the ages. I picture you in my mind and I smile. I pray you know your Creator and His love for you. I pray you know His kindness, grace, and blessings. This day always reminds me of how much our Savior loves us, and that there is nothing we’ve done that has not been nailed to the cross. Nothing. Your Gigi is a walking testimony of grace and forgiveness. We need only to accept this amazing love and pour that same love into the lives of others. I pray you have someone in your life to nurture your faith. I love to sing. So, this morning, in the early morning light, I worshiped. I decided to sing to you–my children, my children’s children, and those beyond who I can even imagine.

I also remembered your Aunt Polly Lloyd Beck who nurtured my faith and joy for music. She loved Jesus and singing, too. One of my posts is about her life and Valentina is singing a song that Polly wrote for the Ms. Senior Citizen Pageant. Your grandfather, my dad, who went to be with Jesus in September of 2020, is spending his first Easter in heaven. He, too, taught me the love of music, and we sang together often. The music keeps giving. A legacy. Whatever gift God has given you, embrace the fullness of that gift and let His resurrection power and love pour through your work.

I love you to the moon and back.

Your Gigi

I’d Rather Have Jesus and Via Dolorosa

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  1. Shirley Gibbs says:

    Beautiful Anna

    Get Outlook for iOS ________________________________

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    1. Oh Aunt Shirley you have shown me JESUS all my life. I thank you.


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