I know why the sparrow sings

There is a space beyond this realm that a settled peace abides. I enjoy expanse, open fields, a view from the mountain top in which you can see for miles. I’m reading how a man of God, Elijah, was called to a physical and spiritual place of trust. A small brook tucked away from the busy of His work and daily focus. God assured him that he would “drink from the brook” and that the ravens would feed him meat at night. God would provide for him during this solitude and small space. God would sustain him and surprise him. That’s my Bible study focus this week by Priscilla Shirer, Faith and Fire: Elijah.

Maybe you can think back on a moment or season in which you were placed in an unusual space. Maybe you are in it right now. As a parent, and I can speak from the mom perspective, God will take you to a brook when you face the unimaginable.

God knows what we need before we need it. As I nurtured, listened, and faced a new territory, God allowed me to drink from the brook of peace and answered prayer. I would close my eyes and go the brook to drink, and He would not only fill me with strength but also make a way. I watched before my eyes mountains move and chains loosed.

I’ve been purposeful to partake of the brook. In great thirst for Him, I began to meditate day and night at the brook. Nothing lush with tons of resources but just enough water and meat to face the next thing. Our space was small and isolated but the brook was always there to nourish.

Elijah was in-between home (comfort) and the palace (the familiar) during his stay in Cherith where the brook resided. He obediently surrendered and secluded himself for the work of God to take place. Sometimes God will call you away from your comfort (how you’ve been doing things) and away from your distractions to do a work. We can elect to do this, however, there are times when you will be placed in situations that God gently says, “It is finished”.

He whispered those words to my soul on Good Friday at 2:00 when my alarm went off reminding me of this hour and the work of the cross. It was during this time in history that they suspect Jesus may have said those words. The words are a reminder that all things have been accomplished, and we need only to believe for it. God continues to surprise me. I’m stubborn. I see or hear something and I am quick to fix, lament, and complain. God is asking me to be quiet, drink from the brook, and believe for it. This awful in your mind just might be the beauty from the ashes you see in the moment. Slow down daughter. Rest daughter. Believe for it. I will show you your next step and provide the way and answers.

The water from the brook is cool, sweet, and refreshing. The backdrop of the desert is needed in order for us to truly know the depths of gratitude for the brook provided.

Made by Valentina Parish Hebb 8th Grade

In prayer this morning, I listened to an older song from the group Selah. It has deeper meaning now as I listen. The lyrics ask why with the answer, “I sing because I’m happy!” “I sing because I’m free!” “I know He watches over me!” Over 10 years ago, I stopped by the home of a young woman who was dying of cancer. Her small child playing around her, and her mother there to support her. I asked permission to play the song and dance for her. No words were really spoken but the words of the song–the brook. She drank of the water with tears running down her face. She asked for the song and dance to be a part of her service. She has been in heaven for years now. She is there with Jesus face to face and completely healed. I thought about her and smiled. I see God. I see. We all have a story, a journey, and we are all connected by Your Spirit.

I’m still thirsty and still drinking deep, and I know why the sparrow sings.

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