Local Fun, Low Cost

Parish and I love walking trails. We will get into a rhythm of selecting a trail and making it a destination. Recently, we selected Walnut Creek Park. This park has many amenities that you can check out on their website including a golf course, swimming, and shelters to rent.

We selected The Blue Wheel Trail.

After the trail, we went to the small town of Scottsville, VA and enjoyed wonderful, local shops with fresh produce and a quaint bookstore.

We drove home the backroads to Chesterfield versus taking 64. It was a lovely drive. We were excited about cooking our veggies! We tried turnips, corn, tomatoes, and patty pan squash.

Some other unique finds in Richmond, VA:

Saison Market for a quick breakfast/brunch items.

We enjoyed walking down Marshall Street. We found the old creamery had been turned into apartments along with the fire station we helped to clean up years ago.

To find out more about Richmond happenings, check out this website.

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