One year ago

One year ago today my youngest came home. She was in a recovery residential place called Veritas Collaborative to heal and restore. One year ago, she was fighting for her life and now, today, she is full of life and hope for her future. She decided to celebrate by meal planning, shopping for groceries, and cooking the family a meal. These are actions that we may take for granted. For her, any of these steps were physically and emotionally challenging a year ago. As I listened to the music of the Beatles playing and the cooking with conversation from my office, I smiled. Thank you God for healing and hope. Thank you for being faithful. If you are reading this and remember your part in prayers, care packages, phone calls, and walking the journey with us, we want to say thank you with great love and humility.

Her homecoming pictures:

She also decided to write each of us a note to thank us and pause in a gratitude moment. It was interesting how the little children stopped and listened with serious looks and respect. Later, even Spencer Jr., tried to read one of the notes aloud. They watch, wonder, and imitate. I pray we continue to model kindness and gratitude.

My husband and I are watching an old show called “Leave it to Beaver”. The episodes display parents doing their best and missing the mark along with children learning their way and testing the limits. Parish and I are no Ward and June, but we do try hard to love and support our children–mistakes included. Thank you for seeing the good things Valentina and forgiving us for our mistakes. We are proud of you.

One of the greatest joys of today was her listening. Her and I talked and processed a situation for me that was upsetting, and she gave perspective and good insight. Another milestone in comparison to last year. Valentina showed grace, confidence, and the example of “doing hard things”.

In the midst of playing Uno with my granddaughter and talking, she exclaimed! Guess what?! I just got my email from Richard Bland, and I made it into the Honor’s Program! This privilege comes with scholarships, community service projects with new friends, and fun engagement! I’m so proud of you, Valentina!

She gave me permission to share a little of her story. Interestingly, today someone reached out for resources for eating disorders for their child. I pray for them as they begin their journey. Will you pray for them? Just stop and say a prayer. God knows their name.

I’m attaching resources here if you need them. Some are local to my area and others regional/national.


Moments like these are reminders of what is important. I’ve been doing a lot of self-reflection and the celebration, good news, along with a monumental situation combined into the mix gives you perspective. No one really knows what this day has been about in detail but God has sent such encouragement through text messages, cards, and “random” comments at work. It’s like God knows when you will need that extra padding and He reminds you of your worth.

The sweetest joy today was my daughter’s love poured out. I’ll always remember.

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  1. Cindy says:

    God is good…Prayers are heard….Love y’all


    1. Cindy, we continue to pray for your family. I love my Aunt Shirley and you. Thank you for helping us during that time.


  2. ashleythomasrn says:

    I love the handwritten cards! Hearing Parish read the letter and reading the one to Victoria and Spencer had me tearing up. Through it all God is good! So thankful he was there with you all guiding and comforting. God is so good!

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and listen. You will never know how much that means to us to have you praying and caring.


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