Lake Anna State Park

We enjoyed our time at Lake Anna for the New Year! We’ve decided to visit our Virginia State Parks until all of them have been explored. We decided to book a 3 night stay on the Saturday after Christmas and through the New Year celebration. Surprisingly, the park was fully booked! The best kept secret is out!

You can explore the parks of Virginia by going to their website.

Eventually, you will go to a website for reservations.

Like any website, you learn how to navigate more efficiently by going in and looking. Cabins are usually 1, 2, and some 3 bedrooms. They also have lodges for that big family reunion! If you want to rent a cabin, I recommend holding out for a water view, and you must book way in advance. Plan now. Just go for it. I remember booking our stay in the spring of 2018 for our trip in October, and then in October for December. If you prefer a person, you can call in, too.


Lake Anna has many hiking trails ranging in easy to moderate with scenic views around Lake Anna.


They also have an amazing area with play equipment for your children, a fishing area for children and those who are differently abled, and park benches to sit and enjoy the beauty. You can’t check in until 4:00, but you could bring your hiking shoes and enjoy the outdoor activities while you wait for your cabin.



Tim’s at Lake Anna

A fun, family friendly restaurant with GREAT menu items that include seafood.

Lake Anna Winery

Family friendly, spacious, and many flavorful options. They also have a gift shop, and they can accommodate large crowds.

Spotsylvania Towne Centre

On a rainy day you can go bowling at Spotsylvania Towne Centre! Great place to bowl, watch a movie, and play in the arcade.

Make sure you pick up all the Lake Anna free magazines that highlight fun things to do. We got ours at the Lake Anna Winery. They have many events throughout the year that you may be interested in, like fireworks for July 4! We did not go to the ice cream shop called MooThru but so wanted to! We shopped at the local Food Lion for our groceries for the trip, and we made sure we meal planned ahead of time. We brought some food items and kitchen supplies that make us happy (like a cast iron pan) to the cabin, but they supply the basics.

We also brought extra blankets, towels, and candles. The cabin was clean. They supply linens and one set of towels. What makes you happy? Bring it! We love crafts, beauty stuffs (I’ve got girls!), and games.  We also love to dance so we brought our speakers! I personally love my quiet time and brought my Bible study and books. We purchased the Master Classes Program and started our Gordon Ramsay cooking class!







You’ll need more firewood than you think, and bringing sterno logs helps. We also brought charcoal for the outdoor girl and fire pit. They recommend that you purchase your firewood at the check in there, which also has some basic items. Go the speed limit. It’s mostly 25 miles per hour, and 15 in some areas. We saw some folks getting pulled by park police for speeding.




Oh nature! So healing and beautiful. Watching the sun rise and set, the smell of the wind across the woods and flowers, the birds singing, and the colors of the sky brought such healing and joy! I close my eyes and see the colors!



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