Your Voice

The voice inside of you…

Deep inside your soul…

The voice that even when you speak and hear the words spoken, you ask, “Who is that?”

Social graces, manners, humility, self-control, kindness are not excuses to hide what God is doing in your life.  Is it time to speak up?  If we allow other’s voices to overcrowd, shut us down, or manipulate us we are not being all that God wants us to be.  Moses tried hard to get out of God’s plan for him by suggesting he was poor of speech.  He was afraid of the task – His voice.  Moses was not very popular with His voice, and what he said to Pharaoh.  Sometimes His voice angered those who trusted him most.

What is God calling you to do?  Is it strange to your family? Annoying to a friend? Misunderstood by your co-workers?  You just might be hitting on something, because you are not following the status quo.  You are choosing to make a difference, make a change, create healing in your life, or maybe the world around you.

I’ve always been a little scared of my voice, especially if it went against the grain.  I would question if I were being rude, unruly, disagreeable.  Who wants to be those things?  I tended to be a people pleaser, but I found people are fickle.  One day they support this, the next day that.  So where do YOU stand, with God as your Savior, leading you on?  I think of people who I’m so glad they did not worry about what others thought of their struggle, their journey, their voice.  As soon as I wrote that, I am sure you remember people in history that made great changes using their voice because change needed to happen.  I’m also reminded of those in history that brought great pain and destruction because their voice was stronger and supported.  Those who felt powerless fell under their control –their voice.

It’s tricky.  We find a balance within God’s Word.  I love God’s Word — always true, always helpful.

Psalm 34:12-13
Whoever of you loves life and desires to see many good days, keep your tongue from evil and your lips from speaking lies.


Psalm 37:30
The mouth of the righteous man utters wisdom, and his tongue speaks what is just.

Those two verses speak for themselves I think.  Don’t you?  Our voice is not used for destruction, but for wisdom and justice.  Yet, when we speak for justice strongholds are destroyed –there is some form of destroying.  Destroying of bondage and fear and the building up of our faith, courage and most importantly hope.

Ask yourself, “Is my voice the voice of  WHO GOD WANTS ME TO BE?, or is my voice, the voice of the most influential people in my life, co-workers, or whoever is in front of me at the moment–  a chameleon?”

Ask for God to help you find His voice within you.  Ask God to help you be all that He desires for you to be.  Before time began, He had a plan just for you.  Are you fulfilling this plan and using your voice?

Oh the beauty of every bird’s song

Different, beautiful

Stunned, thrilled

We listen to the cacophony, straining to hear each one

We marvel at God’s handiwork – a masterpiece

Sing your song He has given you to sing

It will be different and beautiful

Your voice will stun and thrill

Sing your song He has given you to sing





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